Lowther Almira Loudspeaker A British Tradition

A British Tradition

Fans of Lowther are aware that the last few decades were marred by less than stellar customer relations, erratic supplies, and other woes which challenged even the most fervent of devotees. As Lowther nears its 90th anniversary, it is to the delight of its legions of fans that the company is now back under sympathetic ownership. It was 1934 when Paul Voigt, the 'godfather' of horn speakers, met O P Lowther, the two combining forces with the goal of building the finest audio equipment available. After WWII, Donald Chave, formerly Lowther's chief engineer, bought the company. Voigt emigrated to Canada, but with agreement that Chave would produce the Domestic Corner Horn speakers under licence, and this would become the foundation of the brand.

Under Chave's aegis, Lowther produced complete speakers in enclosures, drive units for purchase by DIY clients, amplifiers, and tuners. In 1970, Chave entered into a partnership with friend Roy Hopps, remaining with the company through its changing fortunes until his death in 1982. Lowther ceased trading in 2018 and Martin Thornton acquired the business, his ambition to restore the brand to its former glory with the aid of several Lowther enthusiasts including horn speaker authority John Howes. Best of all, it remains resolutely British.

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