Leema Acoustics Neutron/Graviton Pre/Power Amplifier The Leema Legacy

The Leema Legacy

Leema Acoustics was founded 26 years ago by ex-BBC engineers Lee Taylor and Mallory Nicholls, the brand's first significant product being the Leema Xen loudspeaker [HFN Nov '03]. While the partners were both grounded in pro audio, Mallory had already dipped his toes into the primordial soup of esoteric audio by launching his Cyclone Catalyst integrated amplifier in the late 1980s. This amp, with separate phono options, was a tour de force of forward-thinking engineering but at £1800 failed to achieve the necessary traction. It only had one full technical review, by yours truly, 34 years ago in Hi-Fi Choice Mar '90!

Fast forward to 2014 and Leema Acoustics, with well-received Tucana, Antila, Hydra and other Constellation separates, plus the entry-level Elements range under its belt, was acquired by sub-contractor Davlec Ltd. Based on the same industrial site in Welshpool, Wales, Davlec is a comprehensive engineering resource that, while still focusing on electronic control equipment for the agricultural industry, now has a decade of audio design and manufacturing experience courtesy of Leema Acoustics. Today, Davlec's in-house engineering team oversees the design of Leema products with input from the company's remaining founder, Lee Taylor (now brand ambassador), who advises on mechanical design. Registered as Leema Electro Acoustics Ltd, ownership is split between the directors of Davlec and component supplier, Electronics Direct. PM

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