KEF Blade One Meta Loudspeaker Jack Oclee-Brown

Jack Oclee-Brown

KEF's VP of Technology, Jack Oclee-Brown, admitted to going 'all out' in this redesign of the Blade. Not only was this an opportunity to incorporate the latest Uni-Q driver, and MAT absorber, but KEF was also determined to reduce the complexity of the MF/LF crossover, achieve a smoother frequency response at wide horizontal angles and improve the clarity and precision of bass transients. The midrange driver excursion capability also needed to be increased and distortion reduced.


'Hitting these targets was very challenging', acknowledged Jack. 'We started by refining the motor – trading the single annular steel plate (forming the outside of the gap) for a steel-copper-steel laminate. The copper layer is right next to the voice coil, reducing inductance and upper midrange distortion. Also, with the strength of the motor now more constant over a wider range, this enhances cone travel and further reduces distortion.'

This re-imagining of the Uni-Q motor assembly also gave KEF the chance to better couple the MAT absorber onto the back of the driver. 'As both the HF and MF magnets are outside of the respective coil diameters, this gave us plenty of space within the coils to optimise the channel that leads rear-radiated sound into the MAT disc.'

FEA software was used extensively in the modelling of the Blade One Meta's design. 'The driver chassis are designed to flex in a controlled fashion, decoupling vibrations from the cabinet body.' It's just one more innovation that keeps this flagship Blade at the cutting edge. PM

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