Howard Tate

Howard Tate Direct-To-Disc - APO Records AAPO 009 D2D LP (180 gram vinyl)

Like the title says, this is part of APO’s astonishing direct-to-disc series, but for me, it’s also the culmination of a decade-long plea for this label to record the R&B legend. It’s here I must declare personal involvement: I wrote the liner notes, explaining how it came about. Chad Kassem’s efforts have resulted in a delicious live session which justifies my nagging. Tate reaches down to the soles of his shoes to deliver exquisite takes of two trademark songs from his classic Verve LP, ‘Look At Granny Run Run’ and ‘Ain’t Nobody Home’, plus four others. The backing band is note-perfect for the session, the sound bordering on the cavernous. Best of all, over 40 years after his debut, the voice is intact.

Sound Quality: 95%