Nobody's Daughter - Mercury/Cherry Forever 6 02527 37043 9

Courtney Love’s return, says the press release, has been ‘feverishly anticipated’. I feel I have the right to ask, ‘Who by?’ Certainly not me. This album is as cheap and premeditated as anyone with more than half a brain would expect it to be. Courtney snarls and drawls like Marianne Faithfull on Ritalin through a mess of bitchy faux-grunge pop ditties, most of them knocked up by song doctor Linda Perry, probably on a afternoon when she wasn’t writing hits for Pink, Gwen Stefani or Christina Aguilera. Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan also lends a hand but it makes no difference. A sow’s ear is still a sow’s ear, even one once married to Kurt Cobain.

Sound Quality: 78%