HiFi Rose RS150 Network-Attached DAC Rose Connect

Rose Connect

While some manufacturers depend on third-party DLNA control apps for their network devices, HiFi Rose has built its own Rose Connect, for Android and iOS, to partner the Rose OS at the heart of the RS150. There's also a simplified RoseWare app, giving basic 'choose music and play' functionality, but the full-fat Rose Connect takes the user much deeper into its capabilities. As well as allowing access to streamed music – both network and online, including Qobuz, Tidal and Internet radio – it also allows the various inputs to be selected, displays to be altered and volume controlled (with the outputs in 'variable' mode).


The interface delivers album artwork and playback information, including the file format, and does the same with Internet radio stations. Yes, you'll still need to resort to the front-panel touchscreen to make detailed set-up choices, and the app could occasionally do with some tidying up into more idiomatic English, but this is an attractive way to control what is a highly flexible digital device.

Citech Co., Ltd
South Korea
Supplied by: Henley Audio Ltd, UK
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