Franco Serblin Accordo Essence Loudspeaker Defending The Legacy

Defending The Legacy

It is, alas, not unknown for sons to destroy the companies founded by their fathers, though exceptions exist: VPI's Mat Weisfeld and Daryl Wilson of Wilson Audio are perfect examples that prove it's not inevitable. Massimiliano Favella, owner of Laboratorium (manufacturer of Franco Serblin loudspeakers, Yter cables and Flexum acoustic panels) and Franco Serblin's son-in-law, too, appreciates the legacy with which he has been entrusted, so he has chosen a rigid, respectful path.

While Favella first made his mark with Yter cables, he was groomed by Serblin to take over his life's work, Franco having sold his Sonus faber loudspeaker brand in 2006. Sadly, Serblin passed away in 2013, by which time Favella had learned enough to take over the designs completed before Franco's death. It is to Favella's credit that he has taken his time in refining and readying for production each of the four models (so far) that he inherited. As none of us are privy to the cache of projects left by Serblin, we cannot predict what may follow. But Favella did let slip that the next model might fit in between the Accordo and Accordo Essence.

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