Focal Kanta No3 Loudspeaker Colour Combinations

Colour Combinations

As if the design of the Kanta No3 wasn't attention-grabbing enough, a wide range of finishes is available, starting with Black High Gloss for the main body, and Black Lacquer for the baffle. This is very much the conservative choice even though the shades are slightly different, and make the flax colour of the drivers, and their metal trim rings, really stand out. Or you can go for more striking effects, combining either the black with a range of gloss baffles (Gauloise Blue, Carrara White or Solar Yellow), or the wood veneer with Gauloise Blue, Warm Taupe, Dark Grey or Ivory matt baffle finishes.


You can be as understated or as eye-catching as you want within this choice of finishes, and while not every 'look' will be to all tastes, that's sort of the point... À chacun son goût, as they probably say at Focal HQ in Saint-Étienne.

Supplied by: Focal-JMlab UK Ltd, Salisbury
0845 660 2680