Focal Kanta No2 loudspeaker Sidebar

Fashion Statement

Focal’s flagship Utopias may have garnered rave reviews for sound, but no-one would ever accuse them of being particularly elegant. So one of the company’s aims with its new Kanta range was to come up with a more stylish design that appealed to both eyes and ears. As well as incorporating new materials for a more streamlined design, Focal has gone to town with its colour co-ordination options. The main cabinet is available in either high-gloss black or walnut wood veneer, and each can be married with its own selection of four different baffle colours. The gloss black cabinet can be paired with eye-catching Solar Yellow, Gauloise Blue, Carrara White, or just a matching black. The walnut option provides a more subdued set of colours, including Ivory, Dark Grey, Taupe, as well as Gauloise Blue.

Supplied by: Focal-JMlab UK Ltd, Salisbury
0845 660 2680