Focal Chora 826 Loudspeaker A Clean Slate

A Clean Slate

Famous for the early adoption of beryllium in its high-end dome tweeters, Focal JM-Lab has always taken a keen interest in drive unit materials. While the combination of low density (weight) and high tensile strength makes beryllium a perfect material for treble domes, the material is extremely hazardous to work with and so necessarily only appears in flagship speakers [HFN Dec '18]. Nevertheless Focal understands that driver composition plays a fundamental part in the performance of a loudspeaker, and so has developed a range of different formulations for each of its ranges.


For example, the company's use of locally-grown flax (linseed) to provide fibres for the bass and midrange cones in its Aria range has proved a great success [HFN Aug '15]. And now, 'Slatefiber' has debuted in the cones of its entry-level Chora models. Also manufactured in Saint-Étienne, and 'slate' in colour only, it's a mixture of thermoplastic polymer and non-woven recycled carbon fibres. This composite material is said to deliver superior damping in a light and rigid structure – the latter achieved because the fibres are all orientated in one direction. The fact that they're not woven together, says the company, further improves the cone's damping.

Supplied by: Focal-JMlab UK Ltd, Salisbury
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