Emotiva XSP-1/XPA-DR2 pre/power amplifier Interview

Interview: Dan Laufman

‘I had been designing and building a wide variety of audio products as an OEM supplier for many years,’ says Dan Laufman, President and CEO of Emotiva. ‘My vision was for a company that would design, manufacture and sell high-end electronics at affordable prices into a sales channel that would not compete with our clients at that time. These were sold through the then new Internet!


‘Many said it wouldn’t work, but I believed in the power of direct sales at real-world prices. Our prices are directly correlated to the actual cost to build, with a consistent but modest profit applied to every model sold. The sale price isn’t adjusted to what we think the market is willing to pay...’

He adds that ‘Hi-fi is sometimes ridiculously over-priced, and this shuts out enthusiasts willing to invest in audio gear but not at the sacrifice of paying for food and shelter. It’s important to make our products available to the widest possible audience if the market is to grow beyond a narrow, ageing group of audiophiles’.

‘Cost-conscious consumers are Emotiva’s best customers,’ Dan says. ‘Over half our company’s revenue comes from products designed and built in Franklin, Tennessee while some, like our speakers, are manufactured in China. We’d like to make everything at home, but in some cases it simply isn’t practical. However, as an engineering-focused company, Emotiva certainly designs virtually all its products from the ground up in the USA.’

Emotiva Audio Corporation
Tennessee, USA
Supplied by: Karma AV, York
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