Emotiva BasX TA1 Integrated Amplifier Value Culture

Value Culture

Tennessee-based Emotiva has a product range that covers both hi-fi and home cinema markets, all designed to hit the high-performance/affordable price sweetspot. Design is undertaken at its US facilities, as is the manufacturing of some top-tier models, while others are assembled by 'efficient manufacturing partners' in China and elsewhere. The company also sells speakers and subs, the former in an extensive 'Airmotiv' series where folded ribbon tweeters are a cause célèbre. The three-way T2+ floorstander tops the range, joined by two further floorstanders, plus bookshelf, surround, Dolby Atmos and in-ceiling options – all complemented by Emotiva's collection of multichannel processors.

For hi-fi shoppers, Emotiva offers stereo and monoblock power amplifiers, preamps, and integrated models, across two series – BasX and XPA. The former includes the £569 PT-1, a preamplifier sharing the same design, DAC and tuner elements of the TA1 tested here, and the £599 A1 monoblock, £599 A2 stereo power amp and £379 A2m stereo 'Flex', a compact 20cm-wide design.

Emotiva's XPA series hosts all its flagship products, but the pricing is still real-world. For example, the XPA Gen3 DR-2 is a fully balanced Class AB power amplifier claiming a 2x500W/8ohm output courtesy of a very efficient Class H architecture – and it's pitched at a very reasonable £2249. The XPA chassis also supports modular construction, allowing Emotiva to offer a 'build your own' service where stereo or mono amp modules can be selected for output solutions ranging from stereo to 14-channel. Filling out the brand's stable is a balanced output CD player (the ERC-4, at £699), the Airmotiv series GR1 headphones for £379, and two 384kHz/32-bit USB DACs – the Big Ego+ (£99) and Little Ego+ (£65). 'Something for everyone' should, perhaps, be Emotiva's mantra!

Emotiva Audio Corporation
Tennessee, USA
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