EarMen Staccato/Tradutto/CH-Amp and PSU-3 Streamer/Headphone Amp Tradutto DAC

Tradutto DAC

Diminutive it may be, but EarMen's Tradutto gives pause not only to the pocket-sized competition but also many a full-width outboard USB DAC. Gold-plated PCB and separate PSU-3 linear supply aside, the Tradutto's key ingredients are the ES9038Q2M DAC and TI OPA1642 op-amps that form the analogue output. Together, along with considerable care taken over the clocking, they drive the Tradutto's 2.2V output (4.4V via the 4.4mm balanced connection) from a moderate 288ohm source impedance and maintain distortion down to as low as 0.0003-0.001% at 0dBFs and 0.00009-0.0002% at –10dBFs [all 20Hz-20kHz, see inset Graph where black is 1kHz and blue is 20kHz]. Noise is low and the A-wtd S/N ratio a creditably wide 109dB, helping reveal a low-level resolution that's good to ±0.1dB over a 100dBFs range.


EarMen has elected to use ESS's default linear phase/fast roll-off digital filter which offers a stopband rejection of 83dB and very flat responses, reaching out across 20Hz-20kHz within ±0.01dB with CD/48kHz sources and to –0.3dB/45kHz and –0.3dB/90kHz with 96kHz and 192kHz inputs, respectively. Finally, as already hinted, jitter and digital spuriae are incredibly low, the former <10psec with 44.1kHz-192kHz inputs, the latter less than 140dB below full output. PM

Chicago, IL, USA
Supplied by: SCV Electronics Ltd, Herts
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