Dr. Z Presents: Supersonic Blues Machine – : West Of Flushing, South Of Frisco


48kHz/24-bit, FLAC; Provogue Music Productions PRD74782 (supplied by www.highresaudio.com)

The concepts of down ’n’ dirty blues and fine sound don’t always go hand in hand, but that’s certainly the case with this set from singer/songwriter/guitarist Lance Lopez and producer/bassist Fabrizio Grossi. Of course, it helps if you can pull in the odd guest artist, and here they’re of the calibre of Warren Hayne, Walter Trout and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons. However, it’s not a case of ‘sling in a flashy trademark solo’, as each meshes seamlessly into the band’s sound. As Grossi puts it, ‘It’s not a guest record, those guys are part of our family and just happened to show up on that song’. It all makes for a great mix, from the plaintive ‘Can’t Take It No More’ all the way to flat-out rockers such as ‘Running Whiskey’, with its chugging Gibbons guitar. If you fancy the idea of great guitarists, recorded with real love, you might like this! AE

Sound Quality: 85%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

It’s great fun, of course, but when I find tracks like ‘Running Whiskey’ recorded so relentlessly loud I’m bound to wonder why studios bother with a 120dB+ 24-bit dynamic range if they are intent on only utilising the top 6dB... PM