Chord Choral Also In HFN This Month In 2003

Also In HFN This Month In 2003

Pavek Museum
Ken Kessler visits the Audio Society of Minnesota.

Monitor Audio Silver S8
High-value £800 floorstander with magnesium alloy cones, evaluated by Dave Berriman.

Michell Orbe SE VC
Classic Perspex and alloy record deck now ships with new motor – with surprising results.

System Setup
A high-end turntable-based system based on SME, LFD, Spectral and Avalon kit.

Totem Acoustics Hawk
A pair of crafted compact floorstanders from Canada are sized up by David Allcock.

Classé Audio Omega SACD
Another Canadian contender, only this time it's a seriously heavyweight stereo CD player.

Townshend Audio Maximum
Ribbon tweeter receives a full lab test by Keith Howard.

Tivoli Pal Radio
FM finds a fan in Ken Kessler.

Audio Research VS110 Amp
Valve power from the USA, now up to 100W/ch for just $3995. Dave Berriman feels the width.