BAT VK-3500 Integrated Amplifier The Batmen

The Batmen

Balanced Audio Technology first appeared at the 1995 CES. Founded by Victor Khomenko and Steve Bednarski (who met working at Hewlett Packard, and are now BAT's chief engineer and general manager respectively), its debut design was the fully balanced VK-60 power amplifier. It has maintained its devotion to balanced architecture ever since, across a range that has expanded to include integrated amplifiers, preamps, a phono stage and an outboard DAC.

Last year the company celebrated its 25th anniversary with the release of third-generation models of its flagship REX hardware, including the REX 3 DAC [HFN May '20]. Its plan was to launch the VK-3500 (as well as updates on its 80 and 90 series components) at the same time, but this was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Explains Steve Bednarski: 'The pandemic delayed the launch of this second wave… Something as simple as working face to face with our mechanical and industrial designers became difficult during the past year. Everyone stayed safe, and the new models are now here'. Buyers are therefore assured that the VK-3500 shares the 25th Anniversary Design circuitry brought to the REX flagships – just a year later than intended.

Balanced Audio Technology Inc.
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