Aurender W20SE Network Audio Library The Conductor

The Conductor

Aurender's Conductor app, available for Android and iOS, isn't just a neat way to control the W20SE. Instead it's an intrinsic part of the whole product, the current 'V3' – best used on an iPad with a decent-sized screen [smartphone app illustrated, right] – being so comprehensive that it has its own online manual, which you can read via this shortlink: There are also video tutorials at As well as delivering crisp album artwork and fast access to the internal music library, plus other storage connected via USB or networking, it allows the user to set up and access Qobuz and Tidal (subject to subscriptions, of course). It also facilitates software upgrades, configuration with the attached DAC, setting up of playlists and play queues, and – should you ever need to do so manually, so well does the W20SE handle this automatically – fast rescanning of the user's library for any new additions.


Buy with confidence? Aurender's Remote Support system is super slick: using the iPad's Mail app, users can drop a note to the developers in Korea in the event a problem is encountered. The player drops into support mode so the engineers may access and 'fix' any glitches. Now that's service!

South Korea
upplied by: Padood Ltd, Cambridge, UK
01223 653199