Auralic Aries G2.1 Music Library/Server Lightning DS

Lightning DS

You can 'drive' the Aries G2.1 using third-party OpenHome apps on a tablet, phone or computer, Auralic citing Bubble UPnP, Kazoo and Lumin by way of example. However, this route means missing out on one of the smartest parts of the whole Auralic eco-system – its Lightning DS app, which runs on iOS devices and controls the player both elegantly and effectively. Lightning DS goes further than simply operating the Aries G2.1 for it also allows the user to control the myriad digital 'sources' the unit can deliver and gives detailed access to its various set-up and configuration options.



For example, there are the four digital filter, plus the ability to set different upsampling regimes, and that's on top of one of the slickest day-to-day user interfaces in the business. The app also integrates the Aries G2.1 into a multiroom Auralic system, and allows access to the user's 'Auralic account'. As well as handling warranty registration, the account lets the company provide offers, as well as giving access to as-yet-undisclosed 'forthcoming features'. On the other hand, if you're a committed Android user, that third-party compatibility is invaluable in selecting albums and tracks via the Aries G2.1. In this case, changes to set-up and configuration are achieved via a browser interface using a tablet or PC.

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