Audiovector R 8 Arreté Loudspeaker An Audience With Audiovector

An Audience With Audiovector

The story behind the founding of Audiovector in 1979 is a familiar one: Ole Klifoth said, 'I couldn't find the speaker of my dreams, so I decided to build it myself'. Using his criteria of 'linear dynamics, linear phase and low compression', his goal was to produce natural-sounding loudspeakers for music lovers, and the ideas embodied in the company's first model, the Trapez, still informs the brand's designs more than four decades later. And it has led to some radical thinking in the way the company builds speakers, seen in those various 'Concepts' mentioned in the main review, and including the use of precision-cut 'Nanopore' foam to line the walls of the enclosure. Fitted to the curved shape, this means that, as well as curtailing standing waves through its cabinet, the speaker requires little further internal damping. The design of the Arreté series is referenced by the flagship R 11 model, developed in 2007 by founder Klifoth and designer Jacob Tryde (now of Alexiou & Tryde Design ApS), not just as a flagship model but also to provide a benchmark for all the company's subsequent designs.

Made by: Audiovector ApS
Supplied by: Renaissance Audio, Scotland
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