Arcam SA30 Network Attached Amp Dirac Live

Dirac Live

For the SA30, Arcam has borrowed a feature from its home cinema AV receiver lineup. Dirac Live, from Swedish company Dirac Research, is a versatile room acoustics optimisation tool that, unlike rival 'onboard' room EQ systems such as Audyssey, uses an external PC or Mac for all the number-crunching. Running Dirac isn't a quick process either, requiring the setup of a (free) account, downloading the calibration file for the supplied mic or third-party alternative, and taking multiple measurements – the suggested minimum is five – around your listening position. Once achieved, the software provides a graphical representation of both the in-room frequency response of your speakers and a post-calibration target curve [see screenshots]. Customisation of this target curve allows for specific cut-offs to be set, useful if you want Dirac Live to only address low frequencies. The post-EQ profile is then uploaded to the SA30, and enabled on inputs of your choice. It's easy to switch on and off, too, enabling A/B comparisons.



For environments where speaker placement isn't ideal, or where acoustic treatments haven't been used to address reflections/room modes, the effects of Dirac Live can be marked. In my experience the most obvious was a tightening up of low frequencies, and a smoother progression into the midband. Vocal definition was also improved. It's worth experimenting with, and your Arcam dealer should be happy to run the set-up for you.

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