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This month we review: Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble, Lavern Baker, Kris Drever and Stephen Dale Petit.
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This month, we review: Bobbie Gentry, Octave Records, The Eagles and The Guess Who.
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hfnvintageWilson Audio's Tiny Tot and matching Puppy subwoofer reach maturity with the new System V versions. Martin Colloms and Ken Kessler listen

During the preliminaries for this review I suffered a major blow at around 3am one morning [writes Martin Colloms]. I was woken up by a thundering roar from the listening room that sounded like a door being smashed down by men with sledgehammers and which wrote off a number of drivers in the speakers.

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Looking for albums that will challenge your system's strengths but which are musically rewarding too? This month Ken Kessler recommends a score of must-own titles on vinyl

As with my list of Top 20 CDs [HFN Feb '21], choosing 20 LPs from my collection of around 12,000 is tough. But there is one rule I stick to, no matter what: I do not listen to LPs for their sonic worth alone. With this selection, each is a release I cherish, and though my logic for choosing these 20 may be shaky, here goes...

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This month we review: Patricia Barber, Bob Dylan, The J. Geils Band and Party Girl.
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This month, we review: Norwegian Girls Choir, Grateful Dead, Run-DMC and Casablanca.
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hfnvintageKen Kessler on Bill Beard's new line-level-only integrated valve amplifier

Manufacturers should not be criticised for responding to changing tastes. CD has forever changed the face of hi-fi, so all you're doing when you mourn the passage of the phono stage is increase the value of shares in sackcloth and ashes. Instead, be thankful that the companies in the high-end are intent on making the best line-stage amplifiers they can design. What you use for a phono section can be either your existing, pre-CD preamp or an outboard phono section. With this in mind. Bill Beard has launched an all-valve, line-level-only integrated amplifier, the first product to bear his new company's name.

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This month we review: The Butterfield Blues Band, Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones and Elliot Smith.
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This month, we review: The Doors, Donald Byrd, John Lennon and Frank Sinatra.
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hfnvintageKen Kessler hears SME's new and more affordable turntable and arm

Everyone loves surprises. And, hey, who wouldn't be tickled pink at the thought of a new treat from SME? While the antithesis of fertile, SME never fails to issue a new wonder every time Alastair Robertson-Aikman feels the need to stretch his abilities. We are, after all, talking about a company with a design team, a philosophy and machining capabilities second to none in the world of precision engineering for audio purposes; maybe there's a watchmaker or two in Switzerland who could 'worry' SME.