Jazz, August 2019

hfnalbum.pngMiguel Gorodi Nonet
Ubuntu Music UBU 0021

Trumpeter Miguel Gorodi was born in Spain but brought up in Saudi Arabia and Thailand before a music scholarship brought him to the UK in 2006. His music is daring and expressive, realised here by stellar musicians. With a title that connotes a search for connections and meanings that are often delusional, Gorodi set out to communicate his own experiences of OCD and depression, and the opener,

'La Nausée', evokes the terrible whirlwind of an obsessional idea. But move on, and this becomes an album of vibrant, exciting pieces. To close there's the fast and furious Coltrane-inspired 'Not Nice Memo' (almost an anagram of 'Moment's Notice') the complex ensemble theme jubilantly virtuosic, solos flying too. SH


Dave Douglas/Uri Caine/Andrew Cyrille
Greenleaf Music GRE-CD-1071

Maverick classical pianist Uri Caine has often brought his florid improvisational style to trumpeter Douglas's jazz groups, and joined him on 2014's Present Joys. Devotion follows through but with veteran drummer Andrew Cyrille making it a trio. Nine numbers are Douglas originals, dedicated to 'important people who helped them come about', blocky piano and muted horn signifying Carla Bley for example, while 'Pacific', for Aine Nakamura, seems about to become Ellington's 'In A Sentimental Mood'. But finally, the trio settles into the title song, written by Alexander Johnson in 1818. Updated, of course. SH


Bill Evans
Evans In England
Resonance HCD-2037 (two discs)

There's a cloak-and-dagger aspect here, as these 18 tracks were recorded in December 1969 by a dedicated French fan, whose real name is still secret. He'd followed the Evans trio to London, ensconced himself on a front table at Ronnie Scott's and discreetly trailed his single Beyer microphone from the stage to the Uher portable reel recorder hidden on his lap. But as usual, Resonance's documentation and packaging is superb, including lengthy interviews with drummer Marty Morell and bassist Eddie Gomez. Sealed copies of the double vinyl album,

a Record Store Day exclusive, are currently offered on eBay from £50 upwards. And the CDs are a great buy anyway. SH


Kendrick Scott Oracle
A Wall Becomes A Bridge
Blue Note 7749206

With a clear and topical agenda, 'to bridge divides through my music', the Texas-born drummer's second album for Blue Note follows 2015's well-received We Are The Drum. Apart from the addition of turntablist Jahi Sundance, Oracle remains unchanged, a quintet of great players who work beautifully together. Here to enjoy is Mike Moreno's supple and rich-toned guitar, pianist Taylor Eigsti's endlessly enticing harmonies and sense of space, the agile communicative saxophone and gorgeous bass clarinet of John Ellis. There's also the superbly empathetic bass of Joe Sanders, all in a sumptuous production by his illustrious group predecessor, Derrick Hodge. SH