Itamar Borochov : Boomerang


88.2kHz/24-bit, FLAC; Laborie Jazz LJ36 (supplied by

Recorded in Paris in late 2015, this album by Israeli trumpeter Borochov has something of the life-story about it for even if the Middle Eastern sound is only really explicit in one track, the appropriately-titled ‘Eastern Lullaby’, there are hints of cultural fusion in other tracks. Surrounded by his tight four-piece band – his brother Avri on bass, Michael King on piano and Jay Sawyer on (decidedly punchily-recorded) drums and percussion – Borochov turns in performances showing his virtuosity and musicianship in equal part. It’s beautifully recorded, though I have some qualms with the fact the star turn is so relentlessly spotlit in the mix. Personally, I’d have preferred more sense of the ensemble playing together, rather than just providing the supporting act. However, there’s a good range of musical styles here, and the set is pretty satisfying as a whole. AE

Sound Quality: 85%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

Percussion is recorded ‘hotter’ (~0dBFs) than piano and trumpet on this 88.2kHz file, with harmonics (inevitably including distortion from mic preamp/limiters) stretching out to 40kHz while piano and trumpet carry to 5kHz and 20kHz. PM